Below I’ve highlighted several projects I was commissioned to make illustrations for. Want help with your own project? Contact me to discuss the options!

Book illustrations for “Alice’s Adventures Under Water”

For the book “Alice’s Adventures under Water” by Lenny de Rooy, I was asked to draw 42 illustrations in the style of John Tenniel, the original illustrator of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carol. Lenny and I worked closely together to bring her ideas to life on paper. It was a lot of fun to work on.

Fantasy card game illustrations

I was commissioned to draw illustrations for a fantasy card game. They were done with a retro ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ feel.

Illustration for book promotion

I did a single illustration for the book “Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle” by L.N. Mayer. For each chapter in the book, a different artist did a single illustration. I created my illustration to go with the following passage:

“Cowering inside the tunnel, Fontaine lifted his head and removed his hands from his ears as Weekend peered through the thick grey smoke that now enveloped the clearing. After a moment, they heard the sound of hooves beating against the ground. Seconds later, Biscuit emerged from the thick veil of smoke, his saddle turned sideways. Weekend gently clucked, calling the horse, which trotted up to his hand and nuzzled it. Snorting, he pawed the ground nervously, his entire body trembling. “It’s alright boy, it’s alright,” he cooed as he peered through the smoke looking for a sign of Stu.”